Monday, November 24

self inflicted

why do we like to torture ourselves? i mean, here we are just suffering through a heart wrenching breakup - and we do things to remind ourselves of how awful we feel! there's prob some sort of psychological diagnosis for that type of behavior and maybe it's therapeutic, but somebody needs to snap him/her out of it. true it hurts, but there's just so much to do in life, like maybe get a playstation 3 and play the hell out of it!

hope you like the dance moves!

- johnny
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Monday, November 17

reminders everywhere

what's harder than going thru a breakup? well, in the moment, prob nothing much. and undoubtedly, almost everything is a reminder to the way things were. but i'd venture to say teh best way to deal with it is to simplystay busy and let time do its thing. and hopefully, we'll realize things happen for a reason and we're better off for them.

ahhh, the animated tv. gives it more life don't you think?

- johnny
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Thursday, November 13

It's a Wash

Hey guys! I know I've been away for while. And I'm sorry to disappoint my fans...all 3 of them. I kind of fell off the comic strip wagon. But I'm back baby!

This week's strip deals with a topic I'm definitely familiar with: washing the car. And by that I mean FINALLY washing the car. So, our guy Riley is finally getting around to it. What's the occasion? You have to read on my friends!


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Monday, November 10

emotional impact

breaking up is never fun. and everything about it is so much about perspective. maybe she's not getting enough time. maybe he feels like he's not being appreciated. maybe she doesn't like comic books. maybe she wants 10 kids. they're all valid excuses and the bottom line is that needs and expectations just aren't being met.

hmm, not sure how well i succeeded in drumming up more emotional impact with that darker panel. hopefully you can feel the empathy towards finn.

- johnny
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Monday, November 3


ahh, how technology infiltrates every part of our lives. and when it comes to relationships, has technology helped or hindered? with so many ways now to communicate and meet people, such as online dating services (match, eharmony, plentyoffish, etc.), have we just become lazy with what we say? instead of saying one sentence that really means something, maybe we really on 5 text messages, instant messaging, and then a phone call to convey what we mean. i think there's a way to maximize the technology to maximize the message - that whoever you're talking to is special.

in terms of artwork, it's all about perspective!

- johnny nguyen
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