Sunday, December 14

new finn website

well folks, from now on, please check out the finn comic strip line at the new website see you all there!

- johnny nguyen

Monday, December 8

deep trench

wow, finn has been going thru some rough times (as some of you commented to me!). well, this week we finally see finn start to make progress in moving on. and as some of you know, moving on is no easy feat. perhaps if finn had gone in a bit more guarded, he wouldn't have recover from such a deep emotional trench. but then again, in order to have that truly deep relationship, don't you need to let down all your guard, leaving yourelf exposed?

i think i'm getting kinda comfortable with the panels within panels look. just seems to keep to have more action than the breaks in the panels. what do you think?

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Monday, December 1

do something

so, our character finn is still struggling with his recent breakup. and although we each prob deal with it differently, it's probably a proven fact that with time, things get easier. whether that's chilling on the couch watching a friend's marathon with ross and rachel or spending time in the gym working muscles suffering from atrophy, the progression of time seems to having a numbing effect on the memories.

and don't worry, we'll see finn moving on starting next week! enough of this sad sad stuff!

- johnny
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