Monday, October 27


with the advent of techonology, there's just a slew of ways to communicate with each one offering just the right amount of personal touch. there's text messaging, which lets you communicate without the time investment. there's instant messaging, which is great for updates and joking (or flirting) but not so great for long, deep conversation, which requires reading of tone. and of course, there's the classic, very personal phone call.

i had the dialogue for this week's strip proofread and the reaction i got was, "ehh. but it's genuine." so, i'm gonna have to amp up my comedic skills but at least i got the sentimental parts down pat.

- johnny
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Monday, October 20

long distance communication

i was thinking about long distance relationships and how that would affect the communication. maybe because you're further apart, unable to see each other anytime, there's a need to talk more often. just to make sure you two are in sync. whereas if you're living close geographically to each other, you communicate less and depend more on the actual dates. ehh, just a thought.

this week's strip is my second foray into the sunday comics format. taking a cue from calvin and hobbes, bill watterson had strips where there were basically no text. just the images alone were enough to evoke the reaction he desired. well, i cheated a lil.

- johnny
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Monday, October 13

inner voices

ever get so close to a person you can start hearing their voice inside your head? or maybe you're right next to someone and it's like they're the furthest person away? it's amazing how that dichotomy could exist for the same person, but it's prob what makes it so exciting at the same time. we'll see how finn starts to deal with a long distance relationship.

what do you think about this week's humor? i'll tell you this, as i was discussing the punchline with friends, it gave us a good laugh!

- johnny
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Monday, October 6


oh no, what will happen between finn and elle?! it's a tough question really, will elle take the job offer and move away? if so, does that mean a long distance relationship? how will finn handle all this? usually a relationship will start off as being long distance and evetually one moves close to the other, so it's not that bad. but going from a close relationship to bein further apart? that could hurt.

in today's strip, trying to use a tactic where i intentionally have a large panel with not much going on to depict the passage of time. the reader's eyes will relax, as if to slow down and give the illusion of more time passing. did it work?

- johnny
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Wednesday, October 1

Book It

Hey guys! Sorry, I've been away for a while. And by "away" I mean vegetating on the sofa and and totally slacking off. But I'm back with a new strip this week!

Anyway, I recently booked an airline flight for an upcoming vacation. I've got to say that I was surprised by some of the fees. I know times are tough. But geez! The airlines seem to be tacking fees on to everything!

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