Wednesday, May 28

Crazy People

Once again, this week's strip takes place in the office. I'm continuing from last week's story line. I spend so much (waaayyy too much) time in the office, that I figure I can pull lots of goodies from that setting! The stress, the politics, oh the horror! Hopefully, it's still makes for interesting stories!

Not too much in the way of new techniques this week. I'm still coloring this week. I'll try to stretch my creative legs a little more next time.


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Sunday, May 25


the logistics of a relationship- from the beginning, to the middle, and sometimes even the reason why they end. when i stop to even think about it, how two grown people can 'mesh' their schedules for the sake of a relationship is quite astounding. hopefully during the mesh, each person gains something from it (new experiences) rather than lose out too much.

hate to say, but nothing too much new in the way of art. i played around some with the perspective, kinda turning the camera as you read it. i had to actually because of the way the dialog played out. let me know if you were able to follow it or if it was confusing what's going on.

- johnny
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Wednesday, May 21

The office

If you work in a cubicle environment, then I think you can appreciate this week's strip. I'm sure you know someone who's seriously overworked (maybe it's you). And you probably know someone who surfs the web all day (heck, maybe that's you). I think it makes for some interesting and hopefully funny story lines.

Once again, I make an attempt at coloring the strip. It turned out okay I think. Let me tell you, what a nightmare it was to pick colors! Anyways, enjoy!

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Sunday, May 18

what happened after the date?!

continuing the dating saga of ace, this week's strip talks about a topic we all come to face sooner or later. as for ace, i'm trying to do some character development. he's clearly a ladies man but there's something deeper, where he's actually looking for a meaningful relationship. but it's a conundrum, because the type of women ace brings home might not be the kind that's able to give him that deeper connection.

- johnny
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Wednesday, May 14


Living with a roommate has its ups and downs. Splitting bills is a plus. Splitting headaches is not. Not that I live with a roommate these days. And I've gotten along well with roommates in the past. But, when it comes to cohabitation, you always have to consider the other person(s). Doing something stupid affects not only you!

This week, I finally return to coloring! Now I remember why I don't do it. It turns out that being color-blind doesn't actually help; how weird. Major to props to Johnny for the assistance! Nothing too elaborate though. Just some basic coloring. Enjoy!

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Sunday, May 11

friendly advice

let's say a friend gives you relationship advice, and it's totally something you would probably not do. ever take the advice anyways, just to see how it goes? can't say that i ever do it, but there's been an occasion or two that i have, and it always turns out unexpected. my challenge to you is take a friend's advice on something, something you normally wouldn't take, and just do it. you might be surprised.

this week's comic is pure digital photoshop, since i was on travel and didn't have access to my regular paper stock. enjoy!

- johnny (click to enlarge)

Wednesday, May 7


We've all had mishaps in the kitchen. Things don't always come out quite the way you planned it. Maybe it's because you're making a dish for the first time or maybe you just lef t the pop tarts in the toaster just a little too long! This week, I continue on the same storyline from last week. But I think it stands alone if you haven't read the previous week's issue.

I was thinking about coloring this week's strip...but, then I didn't. I sort of fell behind schedule a bit. Then again, I sort of like the black and white effect. I added some contrast this week by adding some heavy shadows. I think it helped to make it less "flat." As always, more to come. Enjoy!


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Sunday, May 4


ever have that friend who's approach to dating is just totally foreign to what you think? whatever the approach (not making any judgments here!), it's always interesting how they take in our advice or what they do with it. maybe that's why we love to hear about other people's love life - so we can live vicariously through their experience and hopefully never go thru it ourselves!

in terms of artwork, not much i'm afraid this week except for the stone bar counter top effect and maybe a little tweaking in body language and panel layouts.

feel free to drop some comments for some feedback - i'm always looking for ways to improve, thanks for readin!

- johnny
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