Wednesday, August 6


I heard recently that an airline (or airlines, I don't remember which ones) was considering removing the in-flight television/movie equipment to reduce weight. Another consequence of rising fuel prices, of course. So, I thought, what else could they cut back on. That led to last week's strip were we discover that Riley's flight will have no air condition! It's all least we hope so.

As for art techniques, I've been playing around with adding more background detail. It'll take some more work for me to get it to where I'm satisfied with it. In the mean time, enjoy!

(click to enlarge)


D Wheezy said...

Haha! Nice one Kevin. I think this may be my favorite comic of yours to date.

Lance said...

I agree, kev man, these strips are hilarious. I wish I could get these sent to me in my email.