Monday, October 6


oh no, what will happen between finn and elle?! it's a tough question really, will elle take the job offer and move away? if so, does that mean a long distance relationship? how will finn handle all this? usually a relationship will start off as being long distance and evetually one moves close to the other, so it's not that bad. but going from a close relationship to bein further apart? that could hurt.

in today's strip, trying to use a tactic where i intentionally have a large panel with not much going on to depict the passage of time. the reader's eyes will relax, as if to slow down and give the illusion of more time passing. did it work?

- johnny
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R-Boogle (Rob-base) said...

I wasn't sure if there was a typo in the first sentense bubble... "...know that that means for us" or should it read"...know what that means for us"? Otherwise I think its brillians!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the catch...but who are you r-boogie?!