Thursday, November 13

It's a Wash

Hey guys! I know I've been away for while. And I'm sorry to disappoint my fans...all 3 of them. I kind of fell off the comic strip wagon. But I'm back baby!

This week's strip deals with a topic I'm definitely familiar with: washing the car. And by that I mean FINALLY washing the car. So, our guy Riley is finally getting around to it. What's the occasion? You have to read on my friends!


(click to enlarge)


johnny nguyen said...

very nice my friend! and welcome back to the world of webcomics, it has sorely missed your presence.

now, if only we could get it in color too...

Lance said...

My car must love the twice a year i trick a date into going out with me, cuz that's about the only time it gets a washing. I bet it wishes i had better game.