Monday, October 27


with the advent of techonology, there's just a slew of ways to communicate with each one offering just the right amount of personal touch. there's text messaging, which lets you communicate without the time investment. there's instant messaging, which is great for updates and joking (or flirting) but not so great for long, deep conversation, which requires reading of tone. and of course, there's the classic, very personal phone call.

i had the dialogue for this week's strip proofread and the reaction i got was, "ehh. but it's genuine." so, i'm gonna have to amp up my comedic skills but at least i got the sentimental parts down pat.

- johnny
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ComicReader said...

CLASSIC! And yep, that's just about exactly how a msg between long distance relationships go - at least at the beginning.

Lance said...

Been there, my man. You really captured the essence of the situation. This is one of my favorite stips thus far.