Sunday, July 20

good friends pt 2

who would we be without our friends to back us up. but i'm sure, in good humor, they also talk about you when you're not around. and obviously, good friends should be able to say whatever they think about you in front of you too. so, maybe here's a conversation that could happen to finn whether he was there are not. good friends.

hmm, does the character with his back towards the audience do anything for you? i don't think i'm using that technique properly...

- johnny
(click to enlarge)


Lance said...

Great comic, thanks for peppering some comedy into your strip again. The character with his back to the audience is ok with me, i'd prefer it was a lady with her back facing me though... The guy with the blue shirt and black outline hurt my eyes though. I feel luckier than R. Kelly in court to have the enliv comic in my life!

D Wheezy said...

I wouldn't say that the guy with his back to the screen is really adding a whole lot. You don't get to see his facial expression, which is one of the best parts of your comics (For me anyway). I think the idea of drawing in the reader by having them over the shoulder of one character can work, but is used a bit too much by some (PVP uses it almost daily: Example).

I think varying up the camera distance to the character can add a lot - meaning more dynamic angles and whatnot. But also that means more time to draw (at least in my case).

Anonymous said...

yeah, i hear you on that. i don't think i'll be doing many more over the shoulder strips. and you're right, i need to change up the angles and perspectives more instead of a straight on, direct view. i've been really enjoying the more realistic artwork lately. you should be seeing more of those in the future. not exactly comic strip-py but it's fun to draw!