Sunday, July 27

rough mission

ever have them days when it just seems like things aren't going your way. it's as if the world has it out for you and just getting through the next hour is going to be hardest, longest thing. and it's during those moments when we retreat back into our minds and take a minute to indulge in our plight. but if you're lucky, you've got people (partner, friends, family) who can help you snap out of it.

this week's strip continues the alter ego of Secret Agent Finn. i'm really enjoying the more detailed art style while retaining a bit of humor. you got any ideas as to what "missions" you want finn to go on?! thanks as always for reading.

- johnny

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Lance said...

Perhaps "Real Finn" could have blood all over his shirt as though he had been killing stuff, but the blood is black, cuz its really just ink from documents he destroyed or something. Orrr...maybe i'm just high, cuz this sounds like an acid trip...

EnlivKevin said...

Maybe agent Finn could also be known as Agent 3.14...cause of the math...with the science...and the thing...okay, I'll stop now.