Sunday, July 6

is it a good gift?

so, how do you know if you gave a good gift? consensus says by noticing how often they use it, or in the case of apparel, how often they wear it. so what happens if you get a crappy gift? well, for girls, they have the option to dress in layers, which means that shirt you gave her just became an undershirt (that no one can see). for a guy, well, we "accidentally" stain our shirts all the time! of course, somewhere in the relationship, honesty becomes the best course of action. :)

this week's strip features the return of the window glare (ooohhhh), and dialogue across panels. hopefully it's easy enough to read. feedback always appreciated!

- johnny
(click to enlarge)


Lance said...

Yep, if "Finn" know's what's good for him, he won't get caught without that shirt.

Laura said...

when do i start taking things personally? :)

Anonymous said...

you should take the ones that reflect good on finn personally! and besides, i think the strip reflects finn really liking that gift!

hmmm, next strip, i'll have the girl get him comic books!

EnlivKevin said...

How can you go wrong with an Express shirt? The answer: you can't. haha.

I like the middle two panels with the word bubbles bridging them. Creative.

Francesca said...

Johnny, you totally captured the essence of someone I know. The advice he often provides based on sound, analytical, engineering-influenced thinking...gotta love him. Oh and using the "it doesn't fit the way I like" line is always a good way to exchange the gift that you...may not like so much. You can go to the store to "exchange" it, only to find that your size isn't there...and that happens all the time.