Sunday, September 21


i found last week's poll results to be pretty interesting. when asked what's the most aspect to a successful relationship, it was almost a tie between love, trust, and communication. surprisingly sharing a common set of belief didn't get any votes. so i guess as a continuation of last week's strip, in order to deal with jealousy in a healthy way, you just gotta have love, trust, and communication as the foundation.

and continuing my inspriration from calvin & hobbes, played some more with the panel layouts. also, i gave in and used eyebrows. it was so hard sometimes to convey emotions correctly but add in two tiny lines for eyebrows and BAM, instant emotion!

- johnny
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emily marie said...

Haha- the eyebrows really help the emotion... the facial expressions are great! I have to admit that I was confused in frame 2 because even though you used an ellipsis (...) in the first frame I still concluded Finn's phrase with a period "I know that." Got it now though- the other dude is cutting in with crazy ideas. :)