Sunday, September 14

no limits

within any relationship, there's always a certain level of jealousy. the key i think is to keep at a healthy level of jealousy, when you know both people are that into each other without limiting any freedoms. and of course, there's got to be a strong foundation of trust.

continuing to draw inspiration from calvin and hobbes, i've layed around with the panel layouts. hopefully it adds to the storytelling.

- johnny
(click to enlarge)


Lance said...

Hey, who's the new character? The new paneling is cool, it gives the reader (me) something to look at.

Anonymous said...

that's not a new character, he's been around for awhile. i guess i need to put a design on his shirt or somethin. that character is modeled after chibar but in NO WAY resembles the real chibar. if i drew the real chibar, id have to draw 5-6 ladies with him at all times.