Friday, September 5

louder than thots

i've gotten feedback for my strips both way - they're too sappy or they really like the emotional content. this week, we go the way of sappy again. my goal for the Finn comic strips is to make it both humorous and relatable. so, i don't know how many of you do what's stated below, but every so often i get those thoughts in my head and it a question of whether they should truly ever be uttered out loud.

in terms of artwork, i really wanted to portray finn's emotions through body language. so, take away the words, does the first three panels still work with the 4th panel's dialogue?

- johnny
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Laura said...

I think the lack of shirt is a clue up front that he's not talking to her. i know most people don't have vanities or anything anymore, but if he was sitting and there was at least one frame where it was a direct shot that would have made it more of a surprise....very cute though. ;)