Sunday, February 3

back by popular demand!

Hey guys! It's my first post on the site and I'm pretty excited! What you see is my first foray into comic strips. I've always had the notion of doing a strip, but I never really sat down and developed it. Now, that I'm actually dedicating time to doing art work and the comic strip, in particular, it's actually coming along nicely! There are some things about it that I'm not completely happy with. But one of the things I've learned over the last few years is to accept that things aren't always going to turn out perfectly and that it's a learning experience. I know that I will get better as I go along. So, instead of holding on to it until it's "perfect," here it is for your viewing pleasure.


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hello! if you're here reading this, i must assume my barrage of propaganda has succeeded and now you're addicted to our site. in any case, thanks for the visit, hope you enjoy.

below is another comic strip from my series showing what may happen when trying to pick up girls at a downtown type scene. the funny part usually is that she doesn't even have a ring on half the time! in any case, this strip was created in my usual method, which is sketching the layout in my book, then drawing and inking by hand, then scanning it and coloring/lettering by computer. i think i'm getting better each time but it's still not as crisp as i'd like it. and there's a balance i'm struggling with between purely computer generated effects and using good 'ole hand drawn stuff. enjoy!

- johnny

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Animatronyx said...

Awesome. Hopefully, this blog will keep you creating more work. I've been really bad about it lately. I'll keep checking back.

D Wheezy said...

Nicely done gentlemen. My Mondays have just become twice as enjoyable.

You should post some of your backlogged comics since you never gave me your MySpace name. Maybe throughout the rest of the week.

emily marie said...

Two things. First, Johnny I love the crazy dance moves you come up with in the background. I'm going to try them next time I'm out.

Second, is there a 'rate Johnny on a scale from 1 to 10' war going on between you two? Johnny thinks he's an 8 but Chibar says only a 2.

enliv comics said...

i'm not sure if anybody really notices, but one of those dancer's is actually doing the soulja boy dance. reference the third panel and the superman pose!

and i don't know why chibar thinks i'm a 2. i think i'm a nice guy. "who knows?! nobody knows!"

- johnny