Sunday, February 10

the first encounter

you know, not many things are as exciting as the first time you're talking to somebody you genuinely have a crush on. sure, you've rehearsed it time and again in your head but somehow when the time comes, the words just seem to come out by themselves. and i have to catch myself cause i'll be saying things off the cuff - and who knows if it's even true! today's strip is about that type of occurrence and one possible scenario.

and a bit about the artwork, this is the first one i've done purely by the wacom tablet. thus, no hand sketches, just pure computer. and it's got some background layouts courtesy of my comic strip mentor, wheezy. thanks.

- johnny

(click to enlarge)


D Wheezy said...

Very nice Johnny. That one made me laugh quite a bit.

I like the all wacom art too - it feels good doesn't it?

Save a tree! Use digital trees instead.

Craniowinner said...

What happened to Chibar????

enliv comics said...

i guess i'll speak for chibar and just say when you're as popular as he is and the phone just doesn't stop ringing, it's hard to get a strip done.

and i think i'm getting more used tot eh wacom style of working, but i'm just not getting teh same stroke definition like you do weezy. help!