Sunday, February 24

good friends

undoubtedly, one of the most important facets of our lives is who we consider our friends. and if your friends are anything like mine, then you're faced with some great put downs. today's comic strip highlights that kind of interaction.

in today's comic, although very subtle, i've introduced a bit more of layering by shading in the character in a red shirt. i've been listening to a Webcomics Weekly, which is a podcast that dishes out great tips, and one of their tips was to go ahead and put a character with their back towards the reader. supposedly, it draws in the reader right into the conversation more. you be the judge.

- johnny

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When single guy friends are hanging out (i.e. "on the prowl") we need some way of letting each other know which ladies each is interested in. Since we don't go to the restroom together (like females do) we've got to do something on the fly. Like tap twice with the right foot and hop once on the left. Before you know it, you're turning into Lord of the Dance. It can be comical if the guys don't work something proper out ahead of time.

In today's comic, I'm going old school: black & white baby! Either that or I'm just lazy. I'll go with the former until proved otherwise...


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D Wheezy said...

Nice comics gentlemen. I like your shading on the fella in the red shirt Johnny - nicely done. And Chibar, I know that I've seen you give that "Signal" at least once before. Way to capture reality with your skilled artistry.

I know what you're going for with the "character facing away", but I think to really draw in the audience you need more of an "Over the Shoulder" type shot, (known as an OTS shot in the film biz).

Kurtz uses them all the time (like here and here). They start popping out at you all over the place once you start looking.

I think to really draw the audience in you need to pull the character closer to the "camera" - mainly to get rid of the barrier created by the table.

Keep experimenting! Only way to get anything new to happen :).

Lance said...

Good job team! Johnny, the shading and artwork in general was great. Facing the character away from the camera was interesting, it let me imagine that guy was Eminem.

Chibar, funny stuff too, but be careful doing too many foot stumps and "signals" while at parties or in bathrooms

enliv comics said...

thanks for the additional tips guys. it's gets hard to venture outside the norm once you have a set pattern but the payoff could be great. i guess that's the same with everything in life. that's why when i need to shake things up, i think to myself, "what would flavor flav do?" undoubtedly, i end up nicknaming all my friends.

D Wheezy said...

What's my nickname?