Sunday, February 17

overly critical

undoubtedly, as we begin dating someone, we can be overly critical of them. and as jerry seinfield has taught us, there are practically infinite reasons to dump a person. so, what's the key to not becoming that kind of person? in watching the new ryan reynolds movie, Definitely, Maybe, i think the character shows us how there are multitudes of possibilities if you're just open to it. and yeah, i did see that movie and i'm not afraid to say i enjoyed it too!

today's strip was created entirely digital. i got some great advice from
jimmy cheung, superstar comic book artist, that i need to work on my line variation. so hopefully, you'll see some improvements in that department in future strips.

- johnny

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D Wheezy said...

You have Jim Cheung holed up in a closet somewhere or something?

Nice comic this week - although you may have lost the younger audience who hasn't seen Seinfeld.

I think that's like... 2 people.

Lance said...

Hey, don't knock "Man Hands" until you've tried them...

enliv comics said...

dang lance, you always get good stories from your dates...

... and what's with the elipses?... seems like i'm seeing them all over the place... hmmmm