Wednesday, March 26

bad date

We've all been there: down in the dumps. And there are many ways to help ourselves get out of the funk. We may write in a diary (ahem...I mean "journal"), we may read a self-help book, we may watch Battlestar Galactica, or we may turn to Oprah among other things. Of all the choices, talking to a close friend surely ranks near the top. But as good as it is to talk to a friend who provides sage advice, it is sometimes good to talk to someone who's in just a little worse shape than you are. As they say, misery loves company. More so, misery loves someone who's just a little more miserable than you are!!

In this week's strip, I made my second attempt at hand lettering. The hardest part is penciling the guidelines for the letters. I've got to find a better way of doing that. Something else I played with this time is the shapes of the word bubbles. One thing I didn't do well was plan ahead for where to put the bubbles. I ended up kind of squeezing it into a place that would fit the second panel. See for yourself. At any rate, I enjoy hand lettering. I think I'm going to stick with it for a while. We'll see how it turns out. Enjoy!


(click to enlarge)


D Wheezy said...

Did you ink the comic differently or something this week? It seems... cleaner than your previous comics. Are you still inking by hand then scanning it in?

Looks very nice this week man. Digging it.

Also, if you want a quick boost to the ol' self esteem, I just recommend wandering down to Wal-mart and having a look around. Not to generalize - but the patrons there don't always seem to be ... of the highest caliber.

enliv comics said...

(this is johnny): yeah, the artwork looks a lot more crisp. is it because of what you scanned it in as? i accidentally left the scanner at 600 dpi, and we usually scan in at 200 dpi. i think the industry norm is 300 dpi, for that one day we do publish it.

D Wheezy said...

Seriously. You guys gotta get two accounts on Blogger so you don't have to keep identifying yourself in the comments.

D Wheezy said...

One thing about the word bubbles - you might want to try shaping them to match the phrasing of what the character is saying. Like in the last panel - "To call Tony. His life is worse than mine." Is one phrase, and deserving of its own bubble. While "That'll cheer me up" is the punchline - and would work well in its own bubble.

Not to say they have to be completely separate bubbles - they could be connected (like the second panel of this for example - but separating out the phrasing might make things read a little more easily.

I didn't think of that on my own, btw. That was straight outta "How to Create Webcomics."

enliv comics said...

Hey guys. This is Kevin. Firstly, I tried adding another account to the blog. But it didn't work! Something about not being able to add a gmail address to this account. What!!??

Thanks for the tips Wheezy! I should definitely do better with the word bubbles. Yeah, I think the lines probably look better because of the higher scan quality. Either that or I'm that good!!

D Wheezy said...

Well that makes sense. No Gmail on a Google owned Blogger account.