Sunday, March 2


first off, let me start off with an announcement - sight vs. write! what's more important to a comic strip, the art or the writing?? so, next week, in collaboration with Wheezy's strip, all of us will make a comic strip with only art. then the following week, with only words. then you be the judge - what's more important - sight vs. write!

Today's strip basically reflects how I feel every weekend. I wake up glad it's the weekend and that I don't have to work. Then the notion that I have WAY too much to do around the house comes over me. What's a guy to do, except go back to sleep and ignore everything on my agenda! haha. Hopefully, I start getting more chores done during the weekdays. Anyways, I'm rocking the black & white again this week. I guess I'll start early on the strip next week. If not, I'll just stick with BW and call it vintage!

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in this week's comic, i'm shedding light on something that goes through most guys heads (i think). the nerve wracking yet exciting
first kiss. what the girl may not know is all these crazy thoughts start popping in our heads!

and you may notice the lettering is different today. i tried to do some
hand lettering (instead of using the computer and typing out the words) but i'm not so sure i'll ever do it again...

- johnny

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D Wheezy said...

Sight vs. Write! Oh man I'm excited.

Sorry I didn't get the announcement up on my blog today - it'll be there tomorrow.

Lance said...

Man, I can REALLY relate to one of today's comics. I'll give you 3 guesses which one...

D Wheezy said...

The super secret hidden comic?

enliv comics said...

it might be wheezy's comic because it deals with mythology and we all know lance is a legend around these parts.

Robert said...

Great. I can totally relate to them both! Genius guy!