Saturday, March 15

sight vs. WRITE

continuing our experiment on what's harder to do, delivering a funny comic based mainly on art or on the writing, this week we present you with our writing strip. feel free to leave some comments on what you think, which one you enjoyed more (sight or write), etc. and be sure to check out wheezy's site, who's also partaking in the sight vs. write.

- johnny

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In my strip this week, I've taken my stab at hand lettering. I think it turned out pretty decent. It took FOREVER to do though. But I may try it again next time.


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Lance said...

Ah yes, that's as refreshing as my 3rd redbull was this morning. Pure comedic gold. In fact, I think i'll cut off the lights in my cube today and just sit here thinking funny thoughts in honor of how awesome the strips were this morning, or in honor of how sleepy I am, whichever.

D Wheezy said...

Nicely done gents. Chibar - the hand written lettering looks good, but I can't imagine putting myself through that every week. Maybe you should look into just making a font from your handwriting and then using that.

I kind of summarized my thoughts on the whole "Sight vs. Write" event on my blog - what did you guys think? Which was harder, easier, more effective, etc?

I'd like to know.

enliv comics said...

(this is johnny):
personally, i thought both were pretty darn tough. sometimes just one word or just one image change is all you need but because we were so bounded, i thought it really stretched our minds. and then again, reading PBF, it's amazing how funny his stuff is without a single word.

i thought it was a great idea and congrats to you two both for your pieces. we should really do some more collaborations and continue to try to stretch ourselves.

D Wheezy said...

I agree. It's your job to think of the next challenge.

By the way, I just received my copy of How to Make Webcomics. I'll let you know if we're doing something wrong ;), and you're welcome to borrow it after I'm done.

enliv comics said...

awesome bud. actually, i ordered one too, couldn't help myself!

sounds good to me man, i'll def come up with a collab idea. actually, i got one already! it's actually two ideas: (1) we each write a strip for someone else, but we draw our own characters, and (2) we write our own comic strip, but someone else guest stars and draws your character (in their comic style). what do you guys think?

D Wheezy said...

I dunno - I think that creative process of generating the idea and art for the strips is a little to close to home for me to farm out half the work to somebody else. That's just my guy reaction.

However having another person write AND draw the strip using my "comic universe" would be something I could dig, and return the favor in their comic universe. I've seen that done hundreds of times on other sites. (Which might make it something to avoid?)

Did you get the book from one of the authors' sites? I think you get a sketch from them if you do that. I got mine from B&N, because I had a gift card and no real money to speak of.

Hey Chibar - one think I've already picked up from "How to make Webcomics" was the name of a site - Fontifier . $9 gets you your very own custom font based on whatever you submit. Nifty!