Sunday, March 23

mondays AND thursdays!

here we go... new comic strips every monday AND thursday! that's right, twice a week now you're entitled to some of the best comic strips! so, that means after you visit wheezy's site, come visit ours. :)

so on monday, i (johnny) will be your host with new content. this week's strip was inspired from a leadership training class i took, where the instructor was giving a scenario when a co-worker would come into your office, plop down, and then begin to unload all this drama - when you don't care. what do you do...?

- johnny
ps. don't forget to come back on thursday!

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Hazey4Dazey said...

Ah yes. The emotional vommit.

Anonymous said...

Emotional Vommit - that's descriptive and fairly accurate for some occations... kb

D Wheezy said...

Glad to see you're moving to the two author twice a week structure. Well done.

Lance said...

Been there, done that...TWICE!

Alicia said...

is this how i sound...LMAO! :o)