Wednesday, June 11

car technology

chibar has been a little busy globe trotting and he's asked me to sit in for him this week, posting a comic. but have no fear, he'll be back next week thursday with a brand new strip.

recently i've been astounded by the technology in cars nowadays. now, i've got a relatively recent car i think with some cool gadgets, but apparently, the car industry has taken some leap and bounds. i don't know a thing about engines, but if the car starts responding to your voice and you don't even need a key to start the ignition, that's pretty darn cool.

in terms of artwork, i got trees and a window glare? hey, it's something! hope you enjoy.

- johnny
(click to enlarge)


Clay said...

Finn, go get me a GS-14!

D Wheezy said...

Nice comic. The best jokes are taken from real life friend.

But why did you replace me with a girl?

Laura said...

What's wrong with that? ;)

EnlivKevin said...

Thanks for filling in bud. Hmmm, I wonder....Johnny, write my next strip. ha!