Sunday, June 1


i think we all know people who manage their priorities great, and those who manage them poorly. so, what's the key difference? it's a pretty tough thing to handle really, with so many things going on in life, how we prioritize things and people directly affects our happiness. not sure how well it's worked for me, but i make my tough decisions by simply asking myself, what would i regret less. should i stay home and relax, or go out for a night on the town? depends on what i would regret more - not having gone out or missing out on some quiet time at home? try it out, let me know if it works for you.

most of my comics involve basically two characters talking about something, and it's the backdrop i try to spice up, to keep you interested. this week's backdrop is perhaps one of the happiest places on earth. ;)

- johnny
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EnlivKevin said...

Love the setting man! Minor typo, however, in the third panel (well, not a typo, just missing the word "keep").

Lance said...

Is DVR really one word? Or an acronym that encompasses 3 words. Is an acronym technically a word? Someone needs to answer these questions!