Sunday, June 15

friendly feedback

ever look back on how things are going and kinda realize how time got away from you? and before you know it, the things you wanted to do ends up never getting done? priorities is a hard thing to juggle. concentrate too much on one and other people may get neglected. that's why honest feedback is so darn crucial.

this strip i think rounds up the scheduling/priorities story arc. for the past few weeks, i've been trying to explore that issue to i'm not sure how much success. as much as i love story and character development, i'll def have to intermingle some more straight humor. thanks for readin.

- johnny
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Laura said...

this is a comment more on the poll than the strip - where is kindness as a priority?? :)

Lance said...

Kindness? What a "girl" thing to ask about.

And Johnny, I agree that "priorities is a hard thing to juggle." I would like to take it a step further and say that " subject-verb agreement are a hard thing to juggle too."