Thursday, June 19

Words of wisdom

Every now and then, when I give advice, I find myself repeating familiar things. "Keep thinking positive," "It'll be alright," "Just keep pushing forward..." Then, I have to remind myself to not just dish out the same old phrases over and over! After all, advice should be personal and particular to each situation.

I find that with each strip I get more comfortable with drawing the characters. While there's nothing new and earth shattering in terms of art technique in this strip, hopefully, the improvement in artistic style has become evident over the last few strips. Enjoy!

(click to enlarge)


johnny nguyen said...

haha! good humor man! i see you're noticing a trend in our discussion now, huh?

and you're right, the character art is becoming more stable. but hey, experimenting with the styles i think are still a good thing before getting too locked down.

Lance said...

Hey, Great comic. I lol'd. Since Television has destroyed my memory, i find myself telling the same stories, over and over, so I can kinda relate to todays topic. I think I repeat myself sometimes too, you know, since television ruined my memory, I can't seem to remember when I've already said something. Its the darnedest thing, You know, that I sometimes repeat myself, since my memory is so bad and all...