Thursday, April 24

collab continued!

So, this is my contribution from this week's collaboration! My script was written by Wheezy. Thankfully, he gave me some leeway in how I could present it. His idea was based on a strip with no words. I must say that I cheated a bit there in the first panel (or the top part of the first panel, anyway). After I had sketched and inked most of it, I realized that I couldn't quite do it the way I planned. So, I modified it a bit to give you what you see below. Hopefully, I've still stayed true to Wheezy's vision!!

You may have noticed that the way I draw the characters hasn't changed a bit. Pay no attention to that; that's just your eyes playing tricks on you! Nah, I just keep playing around with the style. I haven't quite found that nitch yet. But I'm liking it better and better each time. I didn't experiment so much with new art techniques this week.

(click to enlarge)


D Wheezy said...

Nice job Chibar! I'd say you captured the essence of the gag perfectly!

Now let's just hope that it was a funny gag to begin with ;)

EnlivKevin said...

Thanks for the script Wheezy! You are truly my inspiration. In fact, I would dare to say that you are the wind beneath my wings...sorry man, I got caught up in the moment.

Yeah, I think it turned out pretty good. I was a little intimated by how much story I was trying to fit in one strip. But once I got started on it, it all came together!

emily marie said...

Hahaha... I love the facial expressions Chibar- looks really good and really sends the joke home in the last frame. :)