Sunday, April 6

sleeping in

i remember back in the day when i was in class, how a good friend of mine came into class like 30 minutes late (and it was an afternoon class!). i asked him why he was late, he smiled and said he just couldn't bring himself to get out of bed whenever his girlfriend was there with him. it wouldn't be until later in life that i realized and understood what he meant. and to this day, with the right girl, i wouldn't mind time passing right on by.

as for the artwork this week, as happy as i am how it turned out, i think next week i'm gonna start experimenting with new techniques. i got a book by wheezy and emily, called creative photoshop written by derek lea which i really need to dive into. also, there how to make webcomics, that just came out. i guess what i'm saying is, look for some kick ass artwork, if not, come kick my ass.

- johnny

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Lance said...


Like I need another excuse to sleep in more. I already don't emerge from the dungeon until 2:30-3:00...

D Wheezy said...

Lemme know what gems you pull out of that photoshop book we bought you. I really only bought it for you so you could then impart your newly found wisdom onto me.

Anonymous said...

yes, that would i'd have to crack open those books. the goal is every week, go through a lesson in the both books and try to impart them on the strip, as well as our collaboration.

i was reading the first section of how to make webcomics and it said to simply focus on the creative work and not so much promotion and website jazz. my original goal was to have like 250 hits in one day in 6 months timeframe. so, maybe i'll have to replan. wheezy, what's the peak hits you get for your site? as always, you're our benchmark.