Thursday, April 17


Life is full of decisions: what to eat, what to do, what to wear, what to re-wear before washing, etc. It's such an awesome thing to have many options to choose from when faced with a decision point. This week's strip highlights one of my more important decision points.

I've experimented some with backgrounds in this week's strip. I played around with depth by means of cross-hatching. That's right, I'm still doing it old-school! Anyway, in the near future, I'll be able to try out some new techniques after I rediscover sleep. Enjoy!


(click to enlarge)


D Wheezy said...

I say go with LOST. Which show is better aside - Battlestar is STILL somehow under the radar of most people, where as I can't walk ten feet without hearing somebody talking about the most recent episode of LOST.

It's a lot harder to avoid spoilers for LOST is all I'm saying.

johnny nguyen said...

well, i must be one of the few who just hasn't caught onto lost then. i heard great things about it, but then i also heard halfway through, all they do is throw you more questions and not answer any.

and nice background effect chibar. you're def adding to the artwork incrementally. maybe once you catch up on sleep and school is over, you can come back to coloring too.

Lance said...

I usually change shirts before a I watch t.v. too. Nothing beats a good weekend spent with your best friends, Naruto, Will Smith, Bruce Willis, and Michael Scott.