Sunday, April 20


this week we're doing another collaboration effort, where we write each other's comic (but we still draw it ourselves). thus, i'll be writing weezy's comic, he'll be writing chibar's, and chibar is writing mine. so, what you'll find below are the usual characters, just with a chibar twist.

it's been said that comic strips are a very personal art form that allows the creator to speak directly with their audience - no editor, no screening, just pure voice. so having another writer be the "voice" of your characters, i find, takes a lot of trust. to stay true to the characters, their speech pattern, and their reaction. to you, the audience, it could be quite confusing, if not done right. all of a sudden, the characters could be doing something you're not expecting and such. but i dare say, chibar has done a fantastic job of interpreting the characters.

perhaps most noteworthy artwork-wise this week, is the wood effect for the bar top. i think it adds a nice touch, and hopefully art-wise, it works well with the style of the comic. i inked it using a pigma micron 01, 0.25 mm line width. i'm thinking though, i liked the look better with fatter lines i got using a brush pen.

- johnny
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Lance said...

Funny comic, and it rings so true. Side note, I was def. surprised at how varied the responses to this week's poll were. I figured it would all be " I'm X and I think Y is selfish." Interesting, I guess we're all selfish bastards...

Anonymous said...

yeah, me too! i was really surprised at the poll responses thus far. i guess people do realize it a lot in themselves or maybe we're just more critical of ourselves. i'm of the mindset it's prob better to be harsher on oneself than to simply blame/fault someone else. at least then, there's the possibility of self improvement.