Wednesday, May 21

The office

If you work in a cubicle environment, then I think you can appreciate this week's strip. I'm sure you know someone who's seriously overworked (maybe it's you). And you probably know someone who surfs the web all day (heck, maybe that's you). I think it makes for some interesting and hopefully funny story lines.

Once again, I make an attempt at coloring the strip. It turned out okay I think. Let me tell you, what a nightmare it was to pick colors! Anyways, enjoy!

(click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

looks great man. hate to say it, but the colors also look great and i think does enhance the overall feel of the office. nice background work with minimal cubicle walls but just enough to def portray the environment. (you did miss one color with the first panel, in between the co-worker's arms.)

curious to see where the story arc goes.

Lance said...

1. I love the 90's low/midtop fade that the co-worker is wearing.

2.The colors are great, too.

3.My uncle must be getting overworked by his job, he's got one of those tracking collars too, but he wears his on his ankle...

4.I love 2 black characters getting together and calling the bosses "slave drivers"

5. Good strip this week!