Wednesday, May 7


We've all had mishaps in the kitchen. Things don't always come out quite the way you planned it. Maybe it's because you're making a dish for the first time or maybe you just lef t the pop tarts in the toaster just a little too long! This week, I continue on the same storyline from last week. But I think it stands alone if you haven't read the previous week's issue.

I was thinking about coloring this week's strip...but, then I didn't. I sort of fell behind schedule a bit. Then again, I sort of like the black and white effect. I added some contrast this week by adding some heavy shadows. I think it helped to make it less "flat." As always, more to come. Enjoy!


(click to enlarge)


Lance said...

Or you can use my personal cooking catchphrase..."Dear gawd, should it still be MOVING!?!"

Anonymous said...

or as i would hear my mom say often in the kitchen, "why isn't it moving? it's supposed to be still moving..."

D said...

I have to thank both of you this week. I've just caught up with the strips and the comics really made me laugh. "tim" your expressions are great.

EnlivKevin said...

Thanks d! I'm glad you enjoy the expressions. I think that one of the things I enjoy most about doing the strips is having the characters communicate expressively. Foxtrot by Bill Amend is one of my big influences.

Now, I must say that these comments sections always make ME laugh. Funny stuff guys!

emily marie said...

Hahaha- Kevin I appreciate the black and white because I can then easily distinguish between your comics and Johnny's. I know that they have titles so I would figure it out eventually but the visual is one step eaasier for my brain. Which is a good thing these days... :)

Robert Hubbard said...

OMG... Kevin. I have been there! I swear. I really thought that clown was going to burn down my place. I LOVE IT!!!! Excellent B&W work.