Sunday, May 11

friendly advice

let's say a friend gives you relationship advice, and it's totally something you would probably not do. ever take the advice anyways, just to see how it goes? can't say that i ever do it, but there's been an occasion or two that i have, and it always turns out unexpected. my challenge to you is take a friend's advice on something, something you normally wouldn't take, and just do it. you might be surprised.

this week's comic is pure digital photoshop, since i was on travel and didn't have access to my regular paper stock. enjoy!

- johnny (click to enlarge)


Lance said...

It takes quite the confident man to sip a mantini while out on a date. Women eat that kinda stuff up!

EnlivKevin said...

I just want to know what a "mantini" is. It doesn't sound like anything I want to sip! haha.

The strip turned out really good Johnny. The characters looked just like they were hand drawn. Impressive.