Sunday, May 18

what happened after the date?!

continuing the dating saga of ace, this week's strip talks about a topic we all come to face sooner or later. as for ace, i'm trying to do some character development. he's clearly a ladies man but there's something deeper, where he's actually looking for a meaningful relationship. but it's a conundrum, because the type of women ace brings home might not be the kind that's able to give him that deeper connection.

- johnny
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Lance said...

man, that happens to me all the time. I need to tone down my awesomeness when I'm out with these women, they just can't handle it. Also, what pray-tell is "Moony Eyed"

Anonymous said...

that's what i hear. literally, you're my roommate, i hear it from you ALL the time.

and if you want to know what moony eyed is, you're gonna have to ask laura...